Dockside Gas

Boaters on Eagle Lake now have convenient, dockside access to fuel.
We will fly a flag on the Marina building while the pump is open to the public.


Rather than hauling 5 gallon cans to fuel your boats, and facing the risks of spills, explosions and fines, spend your energy fishing, boating, water skiing, or cruising on your personal watercraft. Unlike high volume self service automobile fueling stations, marina's are faced with the additional costs of full service, environmental precautions, expensive dock installations, and lower volume storage and sales. Some of these economic realities are reflected in the dockside pricing and limited service hours. All things considered, dockside fueling is a convenience which you will find cost effective and a valuable benefit as a lakeside resident or boater. The staff at the Old Mill Marina will work hard to deliver value to help enhance your vacation and boating experience.

Dockside Gas

Fuel: Boats, ATV and Snowmobiles

Dockside and trailside refueling will free you to get more enjoyment from our recreational investment.


Key Benefits

  • Only commercial fuel on Eagle Lake.
  • Frees lakeside restaurants from the risks and costs of hauling and storing fuel.
  • Stay on the lake longer.
  • Easy docking - cheerful dock attendants.

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